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About Pure Illustration – Our Ethos, Our Expertise and our Personalities

In 2016 we are going to celebrate our 10th year in business as the representatives of some fantastically talented artists and illustrators. The agency is headed up by Richard Patey who has been in art licensing sales for the past 20 years. Richard’s early career in fashion textile design had him presenting artwork in person to celebrity brand owners such as Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan. In a commission based business there was always an incentive to know your buyer as a friend and through our years of experience Richard and Pure Illustration have developed strong relationships with our customers and buyers. Pure is a well know art licensing agency with a wide ranging customer base.

Pure offers artists from all over the world an opportunity to see the work they are inspired to create used in product form and for sale in their local high street. We don’t try to change an artist’s personal style or influence them to follow the techniques of other successful artists. Pure Illustration do not expect a minimum amount of new artwork per month, we simply work with what an artist is able to send us. Of course our team offer trend advice, detailed briefs can be and are being provided daily, but at the end of the day we feel we are an agency for an artist to make money from what they want to create rather than a commercial design studio. We also prefer to ‘present the artist’ as the main focus of our promotion and marketing. We proudly announce who we work with on our website, blog and in all the marketing we carry out. It is not about Pure or our own personalities, it’s all about the artist and their artwork.

At Pure Illustration we work with over 60 talented artists and illustrators, all with varying styles and specialties. Our artists cover a wide variety of styles, from Contemporary, Traditional, Cute, Juvenile and Fine Art. We offer a bespoke design development service to our customers. Our artists are available to commission, we can range plan or simply license existing work from our extensive image library. We have designs in many high street retailers including Marks & Spencer, WhSmith, Waterstones, Tesco, Paperchase and Papyrus as well as with many well known publishers, here at home in the UK , Europe, the United States and Australasia. We supply artwork suitable for greeting cards, gift bags, gift wrap, home decor, stationery, ceramics, party plates and paperware, gift items, sculpture and 3D decorations, food packaging, textiles, magazine and book publishing and many many more product types.

Art Directors and Creative Buyers come to Pure Illustration because we offer an effective, professional and friendly service along with fantastic artwork from some of the most talented artists in the business. Artists and Illustrators work with Pure Illustration because we are friendly, respectful of their talent and creativity, and have sales links to exactly the right customers.

If you are a new customer who would like to review our artists work please let us know – info@puredesigngroup.co.uk

if you are an artist or illustrator and you don’t feel your current agent understands how important you are let us know – art@puredesigngroup.co.uk

Pure Illustration – the agency for artists and illustrators working worldwide – www.pureillustration.co.uk