Pure Illustration represent many talented illustrators and artists, some who have worked with us for many years. It’s always interesting to get a back-story about the artist who creates a licensed piece of artwork so we’ve been chatting with our creative team members to find out more about their work.

Here’s a short interview with Alison Vickery:

How did you find yourself working in the world of art licensing?

After art college I worked full time as a packaging designer, design manager and then national marketing manager for amongst others Waitrose and Tesco. At the same time painting and drawing in my own time and taking on the occasional commission including one from the national Trust and some magazines. In my day job I was commissioning lots of illustration and much as I enjoyed the work I thought do you know I would rather be doing the illustrations myself so resigned and did.


Are there any artists who inspire your work?

There is so much beautiful work around to be inspired by but I do particularly love the work of Joan Eardley, David Hockney, Kurt Jackson and Barbara Rae for the mark making and light and Elizabeth Blackadder when it comes to flowers for capturing their character.

Describe your work space, do you have a mascot or a favourite pen?

I am lucky enough to have a lovely light studio overlooking my garden where there is always something to inspire me to paint. I do not have a mascot but my pride and joy is my ebay purchased plan chest which just holds an unbelievable amount stuff.


Do you have a ritual before you start your creative work?

I tend to make a cup of tea to bring into the studio which tends to be left undrunk and I listen to Radio 4 or music – I have just started using spotify which is brilliant. I fiddle about a bit doing emails and the like and then get stuck into whatever is on the drawing board. Every so often I will go out and garden manically for 10 minutes for the fresh air or walk up to beautiful Minchinhampton Common and back for the exercise.

What is a typical day like when you are creating?

I do not seem to have a typical day as with running a couple of art classes and occasionally a one of workshop there is always something going on but if I can not do my own painting during the day I work on in the evenings – as I love what I do I just work as much and when ever I can, very lucky really.


What has been the proudest moment in your art career?

One really proud moment was walking into Cardiff City museum and seeing a display of a puffin design of mine on a whole range of mugs, trays etc. filling their main display area. I do a lot of work for phoenix cards as well and never loose the thrill of seeing my work in print and have even been sent my own designs as cards without the sender knowing they were mine.

Who would be your dream customer to see your work in?

I would love to do work for companies who supply the  likes of The National Trust, Anthropologie, John Lewis and others who sell the most beautiful homewares pieces.


How would you like to develop your work in the future?

It would be excellent to be given the opportunity to paint florals for a range of exquisite loose floral design homewares and or stationery, work on illustrations of bright colourful fruit and vegetables for a book and paint a series of seascapes to be published as wall art.

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