the team at Pure Illustration are always extremely proud to represent talent and experienced artists & illustrators and we often develop long lasting relationships with the creative people we work with. Charlotte Hardy is one of our most popular contributors and has been with Pure Illustration for the last 10 years. We love working with Charlotte and her success in selling her original artwork to collectors all over the UK certainly helps Pure Illustration gain a good following of publishers and manufacturers who also like to use her work.

Charlotte’s beautiful work can be found on products such as ceramics, home wares, greetings cards, wall decor and many others. We are keen to attract new licenses for Charlotte in areas such as packaging and editorial illustration.

Here’s a short interview with Charlotte Hardy:

1.    How did you find yourself working in the world of art licensing?
I was contacted by a few greeting card companies when I graduated in 1999. I started regularly taking on illustration work alongside creating my own paintings to sell in galleries. Pure Illustration found me at Brighton Art fair (about 10 years ago!) and asked me if I would like to work with them. I was really pleased as I didn’t have an illustration agent, and I’ve done lots of work for them ever since.

2.    Are there any artists who inspire your work?
There are so many artists, designers and illustrators who inspire my work. Many painters inspire my mark making, atmospheric colour and composition. I look at textiles for inspiration for pattern and texture. Illustrators inspire storytelling, use of line  and an imaginative approach to subject matter.


3.    Describe your work space, do you have a mascot or a favourite pen?
I work very part time at the moment whilst also looking after my two young children. I have a small room at home which is stacked high with my work things but is a place I can shut the door and get on! I also have a studio nearby which is a communal space in an old clock factory.

4.    Do you have a ritual before you start your creative work? (I.e make a strong coffee, turn on radio 4?)
Coffee and toast always helps me work!


5.    What is a typical day like when you are creating?
Mostly I’m looking after my children during the day and I slowly mull over in the back of my mind what needs doing later. If I see something inspiring in a garden, museum or shop window, I always take a photo so am constantly collecting reference material. When I do get the opportunity to sit down and work, I’m so keen and ready to start!

6.    What has been the proudest moment in your art career?
There has been lots of proud moments – for 2 years I illustrated a monthly article in Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine and It was a wonderful job. Getting my cards into Paperchase was very exciting and recently I’ve been working with Anthropologie creating journals, prints and sticky notes.


7.    Who would be your dream customer to see your work in?
I think exhibiting my paintings in beautiful shops like Paul Smith would be a dream come true. I would also love to do some illustrations for the World on Interior magazine.

8.    How would you like to develop your work in the future? The licensing market has changed a lot in the last 5 years. How do you see your work developing and are there any projects you would like to be involved in such as magazine work or a gardening book?


My ultimate ambition is to study more and develop my work further. It would be really great to do more editorial illustration and book covers.

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