We’re proud to announce that we now represent Helen Nevett, an artist with years of experience creating artwork for greetings card and other gift products. As Licensing Agents for Helen’s portfolio of beautiful art we are available to help publishers and manufacturers find the art they need or commission Helen to create something completely new and bespoke.

Here’s a short interview with Helen to give you some more information about her work and experience:

1. How did you find yourself working in the world of art licensing?
After graduating in 2006 with a BA (Hons) in Textile and Surface design I was quickly offered a full time design job at Hallmark cards after winning a cash prize and a two week placement. Although I loved my time there and was a very valuable invite to how the industry works, I could never see myself working a standard 9-5. At the same time I was also a full time design job for a company in the U.S to which I started to freelance for as it was such a big decision to move stateside! I was very new to the world of freelance but enjoyed the freedom of choosing when I could work and did this around a full time job!
I do enjoy being creative in all ways and enjoy making things with my hands which lead me into my other business “under the Ivy” where I create faerie wing jewellery as I am very inspired by the magical unknown and is a wonderful outlet from the fast pace of a commercial environment in greeting card design
I am inspired by so many different things such as nature, vintage textiles and tea cups! I love looking through Pinterest and Instagram as there are so many talented artists and designers. I do have a weak spot for stationary and love looking through Paperchase and flea markets.

Helen Nevett Illustration Agency Pure Greeting Card Art Licensing.jpeg
2. Describe your work space, do you have a mascot or a favourite pen?
I have a wonderful work space which has been purpose built by my partner. Our two cats Tigger and Fudge also enjoy my desk and often take up residence, especially when I am trying to work!

Helen Nevett Pure Illustration Art Licensing.jpeg

3. Do you have a ritual before you start your creative work?
After the kids have been dropped off to school I like to come home pop the kettle on ready to make a nice cup of tea to start my day and sharpen my pencils

4. What is a typical day like when you are creating?
My day generally consists of answering emails and researching ideas and themes that I will be using as a starting point for my designs. I then move onto drawing and painting and once finished it is scanned into my computer and worked on further to produce the final design. Along with my freelance work I also many jewellery and costume pieces.

Pure Illustration Helen Nevett Greeting Card Artist Looming for Work.jpeg
5. What has been the proudest moment in your art career?
My proudest moment was when i saw one of my Eiffel tower designs on a set of note cards that I did for Papyrus and it had my name on the back. I still love seeing my designs in the shops as it never grows old!

6. Who would be your dream customer to see your work in?
I love Paperchase and would LOVE to create a whole range of stationary for them from notes books to stickers!

Helen Nevett Pure Illustration Art Licensing Agency.jpeg

7. How would you like to develop your work in the future?
Yes, I love the opportunities that are available within licensing as your work could be on children’s bedding, wall art to stationary and tea cups. I would love to see my designs on a whole range of different products as it keeps things fresh and interesting