We’re feeling ready for Autumn now, so bring on the scarves, socks and change in weather we say! Here are some autumnal inspired works by Pure artists, as well as a bit of ‘Thanksgiving’ thrown in. We know it’s a touch early (for Thanksgiving) but we just love these colour palettes and subjects generally and feel the need for something new to consider now summer is on it’s way out.

Firstly, artist Lisa Knutson creates a beautiful arrangement of sprigs, berries and autumnal leaves. Perfect palette.


Catherine Aguilar is so skilled, that we had to include two designs! Again, the palette harmonises beautifully and so many gorgeous, unique details.


Sarah Jarrett can evoke such mood in her work, and even such a simple, delicate subject expresses her personal style so much.


Amanda Lewis brings a darker piece, so elegant. The colourway is intriguing, drawing the eye in, simple but effective.


Lastly by Sian Summerhayes, a little friendly wren on an autumnal branch, we just had to include it!


Cover Image by Anita Frager