Pure Illustration offers a wide range of themes for licensing – a true favourite among customers is …cakes! Specifically Birthdays and Wedding, both these occasions require a wide range of licensing options and our artists love providing designs in this area.

Fresh and contemporary works by Melanie Chadwick and Sara Brezzi are sweet in theme and palette.

1. Melanie Chadwick 00025566MCH_a

1. Sara Brezzi 00025178SB_a

Cupcakes are a fun subject that cover a multitude of licensing situations. Colours and patterns that pop never seem to tire and suit so many products. See pieces by Anita Frager and Charlotte Hardy.

2. Anita Frager 00025938AF_a2. Charlotte Hardy 00011243CH_a

Mixed media / collage styles Cupcakes by Esther Morgan and Libby Bothway add an extra dimension to their work with affectionate paper and pattern touches.

3. Esther Morgan 00019136EM_a3. Libby Bothway 00013842LB_a

Classy and contemporary Wedding Cake options are also needed in all styles. Examples by Carol Jonas and Catherine Aguilar.

4. Carol Jonas 00024122CJ_a

4. Catherine Aguilar 00025891CA_a

Jayne Ward and Kate Colvin also cover off the Cupcake Tower trend. Original aswell as sweet and charming.

5. Jayne Ward 00015341JW_a5. Kate Colvin 00009275KC_a

Cover Image by Emily Stalley.