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Jessica-Kendrew-Fruit-illustration-Pure-Illustration-agencyJessica Kendrew

Although a country girl at heart, Jessica lives in leafy East Dulwich in London and works from her art studio.  This keeps her sane in the city and provides plenty of inspiration with it’s ample supply of parks, dogs, pubs and shops to draw and paint.  She has also spent 6 years working with artists in advertising so is very aware of the briefing process.

Jessica graduated from Chelsea School of Art with a degree in fine art painting and a penchant for portraits in oil but later found her niche using watercolour and loves to experiment with different techniques.  Though a lover of traditional styles, she finds a way of making her images modern and can cover all sorts of subjects as well as being a dab hand in photoshop to make sure her designs are crisp and print friendly.

Her clients include British Airways, Highlife magazine, First Magazine, Shop magazine, Jane Newbery, various newspapers and has her original paintings and prints for sale in galleries in London and Suffolk.  

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