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Submission Guidelines

We strive to keep our artist best interests at the heart of all our business decisions.  Without our artists, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  We like to include talented artists with a range of different styles, from traditional to contemporary, from hand rendered to graphic and everywhere in between.

We welcome new graduate artists, as well as long standing professionals and we are always available to our artists for advice and guidance while they work on existing commissions and speculative work. All we ask in return is that our artists are dedicated to providing our clients with the best work they can produce and that this work is produced to any requested deadline. While we do represent a small selection of photographers, generally we like to leave this up to the photographic agencies. If you would like to submit your artwork for our consideration, please

PLEASE NOTE: We receive almost 150+ submissions a month to be an illustrator or artist represented by Pure Illustration. While we are very grateful for each and every submission, we have a small team and limited ability to reply to everyone in good time. We will contact you if your work suits our customer’s artwork needs but if you do not hear back from your application please forgive us and assume that we don’t think we are able to help find you sales. We keep all applications on file in case our customers change their requirements.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART and Please note, we cannot send back discs or memory cards of submitted work unless you include a stamp addressed envelope.

Some frequently asked questions:

1.What do you look for in an illustrator when considering representing them? 

A unique style, something that could not be easily reproduced by someone else. A business minded individual who has some understanding of the market but who also understands that they do want to be involved in their own promotion but prefers to ‘create’ and let their agent sell the work.

2. Is aesthetic more important than content? Or are ideas and style equally important?

Both are equally important but the goal is always to communicate the idea successfully.

3. What reasons might you give for not representing an artist?

When we make a decision to represent an artist there are several factors to consider. We try to be open and frank in our dealings with any new artist. if we feel that we will be unlikely to make sales for an artist there is no benefit to either Pure Illustration or the artist in working together. This may be despite our personal interest in their work but due to Pure not having the right customers for the particular style or media. Obviously, the work has to be right for the customers we work with.  also, if it seems clear that an artist has the ability and drive to represent themselves then they are unlikely to need an agent.

4. What kind of percentage commission does Pure Illustration take for illustrators jobs?

Between 25%% and 40%, the lowest commission rate in the UK we believe.

5. How regularly can an illustrator expect new jobs from you?

Commissions in our particular market make up only 20% of the sales we achieve. The majority of our sales are stock illustrations for greetings cards and many other products worldwide. However, as the business develops we expect to receive many more commissions.

6. What length are deadlines on average? Specifically for editorial jobs?

2 – 10 days, it all depends on the customer.

7. How necessary do you see yourself to the success of your illustrators?

We certainly do not believe we’re the only reason our artists make any money but we provide / apply the pressure to create new work, the client contact and deal with the administrative arrangements so our roles is not only that of a ‘middle man’. However, in the end, without the creative talent we have nothing to sell to our customers so it’s a two way street. We try to remember that in everything we do for our artists.

8. Do the majority of your illustrators work to a schedule? I.e. do they work as if they had a 9-5 job, or similar?

We have many full time artists but the majority have other employment or families to consider. Making a decent living as an illustrator is tough and we understand that our artists may need to have other employment to support their creative career. When they do work as a full time artist they really put the hours in!

Here is a link to an interesting online article from Digital art Magazine about working with an agent

Do you want to submit your artwork for our consideration? Then please email: