Deva Evans


Deva grew up in Belfast in a very loving home and has fond childhood memories of summers spent at a cottage in Donegal. She moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne and three years later, graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Deva then spent five years working for in house at a publisher designing greetings cards for many UK charities. This experience helped Deva to develop techniques and styles, while learning a lot from the other designers working there.

After spending some time traveling in Asia Deva set herself up as a freelancer in the art licensing industry and joined Pure Illustration. She has since become one of the most popular freelance illustrators for greeting cards and paper products in the world.

Deva now lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but hopes one day to move to the countryside. Her workspace is next to a window so she has lots of lovely natural daylight and her mascot is her dog Lily, a three-year-old cocker spaniel,who keeps her company as working at home alone all day can be a lonely lifestyle!