Gallery Art

Pure Illustration – Gallery Art Agent

For the past 10 years Pure Illustration has been supplying publishers and manufacturers from all over the world with artwork for their products. During that time we have met many talented and exciting artists who create artwork which is sold in Galleries all over the United Kingdom and further afield. We want to promote their incredible talent by finding them new outlets for their original pieces as well as licenses in fine art print. The portfolio we present has to be broad spectrum, from traditional water colours to contemporary and abstract art, because we serve a broad customer base. But each and every artist who appears in our Gallery Art department is there because we have a deep admiration for their work and talent and because we understand that there are many other people who will do also.

Pure Illustration currently represent the fine artists found below. You can view their work individually by clicking on an image or as a group by logging on to the full portfolios. If you are a gallery looking for new artists to present, or a print company looking to run limited editions from some new artists then please let us know. We would be very happy to introduce you to some new talent