Although the majority of the sales at Pure Illustration are made from stock imagery we do also receive commissions for our Artists & Illustrators. One recent commission was for Tony  Parsons, a successful Pure Illustration artist, to create a ‘cape cod’ inspired scene for a greeting card which would have a triple fold format.

The commission and reference material came in on a Monday and Tony had a rough ready by the next day:


The customer absolutely loved the rough and approved it right away. Tony was well ahead of the deadline and had some other projects on but within the week he sent the finished piece:


The customer was really pleased with the commission and everything was wrapped up and done within a short period of time.

Pure Illustration are actively looking for commissions for all of our artists and illustrators and we suggest the possibility that they can be commissioned every time that a customer likes what they see in an artists portfolio but not the content they require. Commissions can be straightforward and successful like this example with Tony Parsons and we make sure that our artists are comfortable with the project and the requirements before we agree to proceed. Pure Illustration are there to help all the way through the process and we’ve not failed in customer satisfaction in our ten years of business.


So maybe think about commissioning one of our artists in the future.

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